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Turtle Trading Fze is a global trading company managing the source of supply and the delivery of textile products. The main focus of our business is to supply innovative fashion apparel for major retailers & importers worldwide. At Turtle Trading Fze we sense customer-buying behavior and improve operational visibility, align products and services to predicted customer behavior and deliver consistency and agility for optimal results. We take responsibility for the end-to-end process of fulfilling our customer’s garment needs, allowing our customers to focus on other key elements of their business. We deliver orders and plan the production activities to execute and dispatch the merchandise on time taking into consideration the 4 R’s of expediting Right Quantity, Right Quality, Right Cost & Right Time.

Services provided by Turtle Trading Fze are

  • Product development
  • Cost Comparison and Analysis
  • Garment and fabric sourcing
  • Trims and Accessories sourcing
  • Manufacturer Analysis
  • Technical garment support
  • Local quality assurance at point of manufacturer
  • Legislative compliance
  • Logistical support services
  • Market intelligence